For the Sake of Suri: Kate Holmes & Tom Cruise Do the Right Thing

For the Sake of Suri Cruise

Divorce is devastating on the family unit, it is the destruction of the life as they knew it. The most affected? The kids.  And when you are dealing with a divorce that includes millions and millions of dollars and is high profile like the recent breakup of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, then things have the potential to get not just complicated but ugly. But Tom and Katie, they did it right. They dealt with their divorce settlement swiftly and behind closed doors and reportedly for one very good reason the sake of their daughter Suri.

According to reports, right after Katie filed for divorce things started to go down the road to ugly, but the breaks were pulled when the couple realized that as TMZ stated, “Suri would be irreparably damaged by parental warfare.”  Suri was stuck in the middle, physically by her mother’s side and reportedly talking to her father Tom several times a day.  She was the apparently a peacemaker, a reminder to both Katie and Tom that the divorce isn’t just about their marriage, isn’t just about the millions in their banks, isn’t about Tom’s loyalty to Scientology the biggest thing at sake was Suri’s  well being.

Kuddos to Tom and Katie for not dragging their divorce through the dirt and doing what is best for Suri in such a stressful situation.