Forget Chilean Miner Mistress! Miner Ariel Ticona To Meet Newborn Baby For The First Time After Rescue

Miners Rescue: Chilean Miners Rescue
Ariel Ticona: Rescued Miner Will Meet Daughter For First Time

While the world is asking the question of how many Chilean miners have been rescued and how many more there are to go, everyone seems to be distracted by the story of Yonni Barrios, the Chilean miner whose mistress was waiting to embrace him as he exited the mine. The story of the miner with the mistress is definitely Hollywood worthy, but a better story lies with miner Ariel Ticona.

Ticona is scheduled to be rescued second-to-last from the mine, and it will be an incredibly important moment for him. In addition to finally being back above ground after 8 weeks, Ariel will meet his newborn daughter for the very first time. His wife, Elizabeth will be waiting for him and they will stand together as a family in a much anticipated reunion.

Ariel and Elizabeth had initially planned to name their daughter Carolina, but after he became trapped in the mine, they decided to call her Esperanza, which means “hope.”

What a joyous reunion this will be to watch live!