Former Bachelorette: Ali Is Under Pressure To Tie The Knot


It’s no wonder the relationships established on The Bachelorette don’t end up in marriage and babies and happily ever after. They are under intense pressure to pick someone, anyone, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel right.

Former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas feels for current contestant Ali Fedotowksy. “It’s a lot of pressure all around to be the Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I’m sure she’ll be glad when it’s all over. Everyone is under a lot of pressure. It wouldn’t be the Bachelor if you couldn’t find love in the end.”

But it’s not just pressure from network execs.

“There’s a lot of pressure that comes from a lot of people. A lot of pressure that’s coming from herself. A lot of pressure coming from the guys. You’re sitting there in front of the guys… a lot of pressure not to break their hearts.”

DeAnna regrets her decision to become engaged to Jesse Csincsak and says, “Living with regrets sucks. I was in a relationship for five-and-a-half months that I completely regret. I would never hope that on anyone else.”

Let’s hope Ali doesn’t make the same mistake and chooses man she can spend her life with.