Former Miss USA & Mom Shannon Marketic Arrested for Shoplifting

Shannon Marketic
Shannon Marketic won the Miss USA title in 1992

Maybe there’s something going around: First Caroline Giuliani gets busted. And now former Miss USA Shannon Marketic has been arrested for shoplifting.

She was picked up at a Texas Target for allegedly stealing $90 worth of items.

Ironically, some of them were beauty items, including Oil of Olay.

Shouldn’t former Miss USA winners be entitled to a lifetime supply of that stuff?
Keep reading after the jump to see what the recent new mom (she adopted a baby two years ago) was also accused of stealing.

Marketic, who adopted a baby girl named MaryDale in 2008, is also accused of lifting some baby products.

She says the items fell behind her purse and she took them without realizing she hadn’t paid for them. (I will support her in the plausibility of this claim twice last week I noticed an item that had gotten wedged behind the diaper bag after I’d already paid, forcing another trip to the cashier. So it’s possible.)

Marketic won the Miss USA title in 1992. She’s 39 years old.


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