Former New York Giants Star Plaxico Burress Says Goodbye To Son, Pregnant Wife



NFL free agent and former New York Giants star Plaxico Burress and his wife Tiffany Burress, who are expecting their second baby, will have to say goodbye as he faces a two-year prison term for a weapon’s charge.  Burress also has to say goodbye to his little boy.

From BCK:

Plaxico Buress arrived to Manhattan Criminal Court for sentencing hearing today(September 22nd) with his son Elijah Burress, his pregnant wife Tiffany and his lawyer Benjamin Brafman .

Before the hearing began, Burress played with his preschool-age son, Elijah. Then he hugged and kissed his wife, child, father, grandmother and stepmother.

Burress was so soft-spoken during his apologetic courtroom address that onlookers could not understand him.

Defense lawyer Benjamin Brafton said, “This is a very real tragic case in many, many ways.”  He called Burress “a fundamentally decent man.”

Plaxico and Tiffany are expecting a daughter.  He will miss the birth of his baby girl.