Fountain Lady: Who Is the Woman That Fell Into the Mall Fountain? Meet Cathy Cruz Marrero! (Video)

fountain lady
Who Is The Fountain Lady?

The infamous “Fountain Lady” has become a YouTube sensation following the posting of her falling into a mall fountain while being distracted by a text.   Now the fountain lady is fired up and ready to stand up to the mall where her famous fall happend.  

Who is the famous Fountain Lady?  

Cathy Cruz Marrero or Kathy Cruz Marrero depending on which news site you check is the mall employee who made the mistake of walking and texting.  Ms. Marrero has been largely unknown until she decided to take her fight public by appearing on Good Morning America this morning.    It is the fact that nobody came to her aid or even checked on her after the fall that has Cathy Cruz Marrero all fired up.

“I admit it was funny, but no one took my feelings into consideration,”  she says. “Nobody. Nobody went to my aid, it could have been anybody’s mother.” 

She certainly has a point!  Wouldn’t it have been nice to see someone, anyone come to her aid after her unfortunate fall?