Frank Sinatra Jr. Overdose Rumors Are A Hoax

frank sinatra jr.
Frank Sinatra Jr. in 2008

Did Frank Sinatra Jr. try to commit suicide? It appears that the rumor that began flying around the net last night is false and based on an older, erroneous report that appeared on TMZ last month. Last night the rumors were renewed when reported that Sinatra’s son was rushed to a California hospital after overdosing on pills.

Thankfully, this seems to be an unfounded rumor recycled from last month.

At that time, TMZ reported that Frank Sinatra’s grandson, Sinatra Jr.’s 32-year-old son, had tried to kill himself and been taken to a Downey, Calif., hospital. The story was widely picked up, but a few days later, the New York Daily News reported that the young man in question was actually not related to Sinatra. They just shared the same name.

It’s unclear how today’s report got recycled, but it’s pretty obvious that something about the whole thing is off: Yesterday’s reports have been calling Sinatra Jr. a 32-year-old, and as you can tell from this picture, he is not 32. He’s 66.

If there’s any further updates, or if it turns out this is true, I’ll update later today.


Photo: Wikipedia

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