Frankie Muniz: Elycia Turnbow Likes Bad Boys?

frankie muniz
Elycia Turnbow Forgives Frankie Muniz?

Most people think of Frankie Muniz as the lovable child star from Malcolm in the Middle, but considering the fact that he threatened his girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow and then held a gun to his own head, it seems as though Muniz definitely has a dark side.

The gun incident occurred on Friday night, but by Saturday, Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend were seen looking pretty chummy again. I guess Elycia Turnbow is one of those girls who digs bad boys?

The couple was seen together on Saturday night at the Martini Ranch Bar, which is in Scottsdale, Arizona near Phoenix. An eyewitness said they looked “completely carefree”, and everything appeared to be normal between them.

Frankie Muniz also planned a special Valentine’s Day dinner for Elycia Turnbow on Monday. For now, it appears as though she’s forgiven his actions.

But something tells me we haven’t heard the last of these two.

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