Fred Phelps: Westboro Baptist Church Plans Funeral Protests and Blames the Victims

Fred Phelps
Freedom of speech is one thing, but just say NO to these funeral protests

Fred Phelps is currently topping my list of disgusting human beings. His “church,” Westboro Baptist, often makes the news for protesting at funerals.  Often, we hear this news and shake our heads, get angry, and say that it isn’t deserved.

But, with their plan of protesting the funerals of the Tuscon shooting, including that of 9 year-old Christina Taylor Green, we’re thoroughly disgusted.

Phelps has gone as far as to actually praise the gunman. “Thank God for the violent shooter.” Really? What did the victims do to deserve this?

To Phelps, the shootings were a work of God, claiming the tragedy was a result of the victims’ support of homosexuality and divorce. Phelps has even said that it’s a shame more didn’t die.

In the wake of such tragedy, Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist have crossed the line of basic human compassion. What do you make of their plans to protest?


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