Freddie Prinze Jr. Hates Being A Stay-At-Home Dad

Freddie wants a career STAT

Being a stay at home parent really isn’t easy. Yes, I get to slack around the house in my pajama until 2pm in the afternoon and go days without wearing make-up but it gets embarrassing when you have to open the door to the Fedex man and you still haven’t put a bra on. Freddie Prinze Jr. knows what I’m talking about.

Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s unemployed half is apparently so fed up with being a stay-at-home dad that he’s ready to venture out the real world and kick-start his career again with some new opportunities. But where is he going to get them? Really.

According to the National Enquirer, Freddie is done staying at home and watching football in his pajamas all day while his wife pulls in the CW network paychecks to help support the family. They put it like this:

“Sarah wasn’t happy when Freddie started auditioning again, and she was livid that he got a starring role on a new series.”

“Sarah stayed home for the first year and a half, but since Freddie wasn’t booking any solid acting gigs after “24,” she took the role in “Ringer.” Now she’s bent out of shape because their plan was always to have one non-working parent raising their daughter.”

“While Freddie loves his daughter, he’s just sick and tired of 24/7 baby duty.”

I’ve got a suggestion here. Freddie can always go back to doing guest roles like this one here.