Freddie Prinze Jr Loves Being A Dad


sarah-michelle-gellar-and-freddie-prinze-jrFreddie Prinze Jr. loves being a dad. He and his wife Sarah Michelle welcomed their daughter Charlotte Grace last month, and he is over the moon about being a dad. He’s excited to get down to brass tacks and help her with her broken hearts, but you have to crawl before you can walk Freddie.

He said, “I always appreciated that connection between a parent and a kid because I yearned for it so much. Growing up, I wanted a father, and because I’ve had this idea of what a father should be, it’s exciting to finally have the opportunity to try and be that guy, to see if I can actually do it.”

He waxed poetic the virtues of having a girl instead of a boy. “A lot of guys want sons, but that would have been a lot of pressure. I know throughout my childhood, there were many times I couldn’t stand being a ‘Jr.’ I wouldn’t want anybody else to go through that. If we’d had a boy, he wouldn’t have been another Freddie Prinze.”

“To have a girl, I almost felt like, ‘Whew!’ I know how to protect her and keep her away from the kind of kid I was. I know I can shower a little girl with love. A little boy comes home one day, and he needs to learn how to fight. That’s all macho stuff, dealing with ego and pride, and I don’t want to have to deal with that. I’d rather deal with a broken heart than a broken nose.”

That’s alright Freddie. You can have all the girls you want. I take boys any day of the week. I have two and they seem so much “easier” then my friend’s girls.

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