Frederic Thiebaud: Shania Twain Engaged to Marie Anne Thiebaud's Ex

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Shania Twain engaged to Frederic Thiebaud

Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain got engaged two months ago, according to Us Weekly. Frederic Thiebaud is the ex-husband of Marie Anne Thiebaud, famous for breaking up Shania’s marriage.

Shania Twain’s marriage to Mutt Lange ended in 2008 after 14 years together.

Here’s where things get confusing Shania Twain and Mutt Lange divorced after Lange cheated on her with Twain’s former friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Shania is now engaged to Marie-Anne’s ex-husband Frederic Thiebaud.

It’s the stuff of movies, right?

Shania Twain graces the cover of Us Weekly and last week, she and Frederic Thiebaud were spotted eating lunch at Serafina’s Fabulous Grill in NYC Shania with a big engagement ring on her finger!

 Shania Twain’s engagement ring is a three-carat, emerald-cut diamond ring worth an estimated $100,000, says The Daily Mail. 

Shania Twain has a son, Eja D’Angelo (pronounced “Asia”).