'Friday Night Lights' Ends, Fans Mourn Loss of Eric and Tami Taylor


kyle chandlerFriday Night Lights is over and if you’re a fan of this totally underrated series, it’s a sad day! Friday Night Lights wrapped up its fifth and final season on DirecTV on Wednesday night.  The fifth season will begin airing on NBC in April.

But the way the story of Eric and Tami Taylor and their Dillon drama ends is already known.  FNL fans are mourning the loss today of Eric and Tami Taylor, who we’ve come to love and relate to over the past five seasons.

I have a confession: I think Kyle Chandler, who plays Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights, is one of the hottest actors on the planet.  But the reason I’m addicted to this series isn’t about Chandler’s hunky good lucks.  I love this show because of the way FNL portrays the marriage of Eric and Tami Taylor. They are not perfect but they are a team.  This couple shows us the best part of marriage.

Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker calls Friday Night Lights “the best portrait of a marriage I’ve ever seen on television. The way Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton choreographed their squabbles, their intimate moments, their partnership as parents — they and the writers helped to elevate ordinary lives to the grand status at which we all know they, and we, live.”

There are a number of different websites you can visit to read up on all the spoilers of the final Friday Night Lights. You can catch up on Friday Night Lights via the show’s website and prepare for the series to air on NBC starting April 15.  Meanwhile I’ll be watching old episodes of Friday Night Lights, while I try to figure out if there are really men like Coach Eric Taylor in real life.

Here’s a clip of the “Best of Coach Eric Taylor” that gives you a peek about why so many people are crazy for Friday Night Lights!

Photo: NBC/Friday Night Lights