Frowning Bridesmaid Covering Ears During Balcony Kiss Royal Wedding Meme Photos

frowning flower girl grumpy bridesmaid royal wedding kiss
Royal wedding's little girl covering ears photo meme!

The frowning bridesmaid covering her ears during William and Kate’s balcony kiss (photo) is getting plenty of attention, prompting a royal wedding meme that includes photos of the grumpy little girl.

Known as the “frowning flower girl” or “grumpy bridesmaid,” 3-year-old Grace Van Cutsem had people talking about her reaction to the cheering crowds as William and Kate kissed on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Grace, overwhelmed by the noise of the crowd, covered her ears and scowled as William and Kate kissed!

Now the frowning flower girl / grumpy bridesmaid meme is taking over, with little Grace covering her ears in a variety of photos – during a Donald Trump speech (who could blame her), while Rebecca Black sings “Friday,” and beside Sad Keanu and crying Don Draper.

What’s your favorite pic of the little girl covering her ears? See more of Grace van Cutsem covering her ears in the royal wedding photo meme.

frowning flower girl donald trump
Frowning flower girl with Donald Trump
royal wedding grumpy bridesmaid sad keanu
Royal wedding grumpy bridesmaid with Sad Keanu
frowning flower girl covering ears royal wedding friday
Little girl from royal wedding covers ears for Rebecca Black's Friday
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