Fruitful! Peaches Geldof is Pregnant

Peaches Geldof and Tom Cohen

22-year-old Peaches Geldof proved she is indeed fruitful. The daughter of musician and humanitarian Bob Geldof is pregnant.

The father is Peaches’ fiance Thomas Cohen, the 20-year-old  singer for the band S.C.U.M.. Both families are reportedly “thrilled” with the news.  Peaches rep stated that…“Peaches is utterly thrilled and they have the full support of both of their families who are equally excited for the baby’s arrival.”

Peaches has two other sisters – Pixie and Trixiebelle and a half sister – Heavenly. Her mother was Paula Yates who passed away from a drug overdose in 2000. Since she was born, Peaches and her sisters have been in the limelight. Hopefully she’ll be able to protect the next generation from all the paparazzi!