Funny Mummy Maya Rudolph Has Become a Pro at Parenting

maya rudolph
Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph says motherhood gets easier with each child.

The funny mummy welcomed her third child Jack in July but it’s a piece of cake for the veteran mom.

“I’m a little bit of a pro. The stuff that I used to fear and used to worry about is so different, like the first time I brought [Pearl] home from the hospital,” the actress, 39, said while promoting her latest series, Up All Night.

“I think I was in the backseat, putting my finger under her nose, making sure she was breathing, [and] asking my husband to drive three miles per hour.”

She and director Paul Thomas Anderson also have two daughters, Pearl, 5½, and Lucille, 23 months.

But this time around, she can fully enjoy her new baby.

“I was grateful to have the experience again because I could actually enjoy it. I was so nervous the first time,” said.

Rudoph jokes that as she had more kids, she was slacking off.

“By the third child we didn’t even have a car seat anymore. Then when he got one, we didn’t even install it properly because we were running out of the hospital because we just wanted to get home,” she joked.

“I ended up switching seats with [Paul] and I ended up driving myself home from the hospital.”

Love her humor!


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