Funny Valentines Day Quotes from the Valentines Day Movie


funny valentines day quotesSo, it’s Valentines Day 2011. And some of us are madly in love and love this holiday. And some of us? Just want a good laugh. So, bring on some more Funny Valentines Day quotes! This time, some quotes about love from the Valentines Day movie.

Franklin: Valentine’s day was a massacre in Chicago where lots of people were killed and they put a curse on the Chicago cubs.

Mailroom Danny: Dude, he’s from Indiana. They only celebrate Love Your Cousin Day.

Reed Bennett: What’s the greatest love song of all time?
Alphonso: “Rock and Roll All Night,” by Kiss.
Reed Bennett: That’s a stripper song.

Reed Bennett: When I was a kid, most of the advice that my dad gave me was crap. But there’s one thing that he said that was pure genius… he said, if you’re ever with a girl that’s too good for you, marry her.

Kara Monahan: My closest relationship is with my Blackberry, Thank God it vibrates!

Male Anchor: There you have it, folks. Young love. Full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality.

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