Gabourey Sidibe's Mom Gushes About Her Daughter

alice tan ridley
Gabourey Sidibe's mom, Alice Tan Ridley, on America's Got Talent

Gabourey Sidibe’s mom may have recently emerged as a star in her own right, but she still can’t stop gushing about her daughter. Sidibe won the hearts of Americans as the lead in Precious, and now her mom, Alice Tan Ridley has appeared on the scene as a powerhouse singer. Ridley appeared on America’s Got Talent after a long career as a New York City subway performer.

But despite Ridley’s recent success, she’s still amazed by her own daughter. When asked by Popeater about Sidibe, Ridley responded, “She’s a superstar, now that’s a superstar for you. I’m so happy that she’s found what she wants to do in life and she wants to act and that’s great.”

And she has some ideas for her daughter’s future too. “I’d just like for somebody to write something for her,” Ridley said. “…That she can show…her good acting and all that good stuff she has inside her.”

As for her own career, Ridley is ready to let it take flight. When asked what her next steps are, the now-famous mom said, “Launching my musical career on the top side of the world instead of underground, breathing fresh air…I’m out to woo the hearts of the world.”

Could there be some sort of mother-daughter performance in the future?



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