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Gabriel Aubry Playing The Field? Will Halle Take Him Back?

By Mara Siegler |

It’s bound to happen. Everyone has a bit of post-breakup remorse no matter how certain they were/are that they should cut the cord. And it gets much worse when the person you split from starts dating again right away.

Halle Berry is reportedly “devastated” to discover that her recent ex Gabriel Aubry is already playing the field.  He’s been seen out with a twenty something model in Toronto, according to In Touch and a source reports that  ”Halle never thought he’d rebound so quickly—and she’s upset. It’s been a huge blow to her ego.”

She was insecure about him being around other models on gigs, which contributed to their split, and now this news is confirming all her worst fears. But younger, hotter ladies weren’t her only issue. She felt less attractive after the birth of their daughter. 

Someone buy this woman a mirror!

‘They stopped being intimate long before the relationship ended,” says a friend. ” He would always tell Halle she was the hottest woman he had ever seen and that her insecurities were carried over from past relationships where men had cheated on her.”

Sounds like a major strain on the relationship.

Now that Gabriel has moved on, maybe Halle will realize her mistake. It seems like the reasons for their split are all things that can be worked on. Most importantly, they share the responsibility of raising Nahla. We hope these two can kiss and make up.


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0 thoughts on “Gabriel Aubry Playing The Field? Will Halle Take Him Back?

  1. Alan Stubbs says:

    Halle is a sick-in-the-head woman. She’s clearly not after love – she’s after power, money and control so she deserves to end up alone and scorned. Three failed marriages speak volumes of her inability to handle marriage or even understand what marriage is about. Spoiled, conceited, and nasty. Totally worth contempt. If anything, Gabriel should find a much more loving, mature, and modest woman, and leave this ego-ridden cougar alone – for good.

  2. Helen says:

    Alan, you write as though you know Halle but you don’t know anything about her! Halle’s failed marriages say more about her inability to pick decent men than any handling issues on her part! Or are you saying it’s okay for husbands to step out on their wives and have unprotected sex with hookers and the like? No doubt you were one of the bozos cheering on Tiger Woods and asking what all the fuss was about! Why should any woman put up with that much less a goddess like Halle, who could have pretty much any man she chooses? I don’t know any woman who would put up with philandering husbands and husbands who beat them or with drink/drug issues (although clearly some idiotic women do put up with it…). Halle bailed from her marriages and who can blame her?

    I would have bailed too!

    I do think she was insane to let Gabe go but you have no idea the toll childbirth takes on the body AND mind. Birthing is hard work when you are young and fit but Halle was 41 when she gave birth and she has diabetes. Pregnancy is tough in those circumstances and the body is not the same afterwards. It does not help that Gabe was having issues with the age gap, perhaps because Halle was having confidence issues.

    Instead of putting the boot into Halle and writing with such bile and venom, perhaps you should take the time to consider that there were other issues at play here beyond your own narrow views of Halle’s so-called “shortcomings” as a human being.

  3. LMAOROTF says:

    LMAOROTF–can’t believe anyone including Famecrawler would any crap from a sleazy tabloid like InTouch. From the pix of Aubry playing golf he doesn’t look devastated nor does Halle from photos from the last 3-4 weeks. In fact she and Nahla both look more relaxed. Gabby’s bi-sexual. Know for a fact. Nahla’s an in-vitro child via the LA Fertility Clinic in Glendale. That’s also where Halle did her F-bomb routine and she & Aubry paid a visit to a few days later Jan 2009. They had an arrangement. His job was done. Gabe regardless of his alleged salary I’m sure his manager once again bragged to US/Perez Hilton about, Gabe will find another man or woman to mooch off of so can continue is faux celeb lifestyle the easy way.

    Yes, we all know Halle’s got issued. Let’s hope they can be civil and stop the hateration acting like adults.

    RE: the girl: Probably doing some True Religion campaign.

  4. huh? says:

    Oh please….enough with the he said/she said. I don’t think anyone is devastated. He signed a legal agreement. He did his job however. She has a kid. The rest is history.

  5. WTF says:

    Both parties look happy to me from the photos I have seen on the internet over the last couple of weeks. InTouch probably ran their bogus story because of Halle was seen at some play with an old friend or random guy. He was in Toronto for business, he worked with her on the True Religion campaign.

  6. kate says:

    halle is a, and the gay guy is pathetic, sold his sperm for money, what a crazy person, now we don’t need you anymore, lol, what a world, buy kids, wait untill the kid find out, how she got here, thanks oprah for your bad advice. halle keep being an a…s, you still can’t act.

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