Gabriel Aubry Playing The Field? Will Halle Take Him Back?


It’s bound to happen. Everyone has a bit of post-breakup remorse no matter how certain they were/are that they should cut the cord. And it gets much worse when the person you split from starts dating again right away.

Halle Berry is reportedly “devastated” to discover that her recent ex Gabriel Aubry is already playing the field.  He’s been seen out with a twenty something model in Toronto, according to In Touch and a source reports that  “Halle never thought he’d rebound so quickly—and she’s upset. It’s been a huge blow to her ego.”

She was insecure about him being around other models on gigs, which contributed to their split, and now this news is confirming all her worst fears. But younger, hotter ladies weren’t her only issue. She felt less attractive after the birth of their daughter. 

Someone buy this woman a mirror!

‘They stopped being intimate long before the relationship ended,” says a friend. ” He would always tell Halle she was the hottest woman he had ever seen and that her insecurities were carried over from past relationships where men had cheated on her.”

Sounds like a major strain on the relationship.

Now that Gabriel has moved on, maybe Halle will realize her mistake. It seems like the reasons for their split are all things that can be worked on. Most importantly, they share the responsibility of raising Nahla. We hope these two can kiss and make up.