Game On! 5 Reasons to See Wreck-It Ralph

As a kid I spent many a Saturday afternoon at my local arcade playing Ms. PacMan gobbling up all those dots while being chased by ghosts and spent my allowance on Skittles and Rings Pops.  So Wreck-It Ralph, with it’s candy infused ode to video game culture, is so up my childhood’s alley. I’ve never really grown out of my love of video games and candy and now my own kid is finding an affection for gaming culture and sweets (although for her it’s in the form of Wii games and Sour Patch Kids). Wreck-It Ralph speaks to both my daughter’s generation and mine with blending of nostalgia and newness.

Not enough for ya? Here are 5 reasons to see Wreck-it Ralph:

  • Fun for Whole Family 1 of 5
    Fun for Whole Family
    The phrase '"fun for the whole family" is generally a clique. How many things that are branded that actually follow through with the promise? My guess would be about 40%. I can safely say that Wreck-It Ralph is in that 40%. It has a youthful energy that keeps everyone engaged, there are references for the older set from video games to retro candies, and it has that old-school silliness that kids (of any ages) will fall for. In describing the film to friends I've called it a "fun ride," and it really has that feel, it's a sugar coated video game fueled adventure.
  • Video Games & Candy 2 of 5
    Video Games & Candy
    I grew up with video games. Frogger, Pac Man, and Q-bert were all pals of mine. These three, along with many, many more have colorful cameos in Wreck-It Ralph. The filmmakers, by some kind of amazing luck, were able to work with a slew of video game and candy companies and were given permission to include the before mentioned video game icons to Oreos and Laffy Taffy in their film.
  • Voice Talent 3 of 5
    Voice Talent
    The casting in the film, well it's pretty awesome. John C. Relilly plays Wreck-It Ralph with a sympathetic yet hilarious tenor, Sarah Silverman hams it up as the adorable pipsqueak Vanellope von Schweetz, Jack McBrayer is hilarious as Fix-It Felix and Jane Lynch boldly voices the macho babe Sergeant Calhoun.
  • I Laughed, I Cried, I Had a Great Time 4 of 5
    I Laughed, I Cried, I Had a Great Time
    The film works on different levels, you'll laugh, you'll smile,and you may even get a little misty. The film manages to give you the giggles but still has a great big heart. And it's visually stunning with four different worlds being represented. There is the world of Fix-It Felix (where Ralph lives), there is the world of the Halo inspired game Hero's Duty, the sugar filled world of the kart game Sugar Rush and Game Central, the Grand Central Station of the game world. With these four very distinct worlds and styles, it's impossible to be bored.
  • My Kid Loved It 5 of 5
    My Kid Loved It
    Okay, you've probably already figured out that I loved Wreck-It Ralph, but one of the big measurements I use for family films is what my very opinionated 6-year-old has to say about it. And my kid loved, loved, loved it after we saw a sneak preview of it. How much did she love it? She scrapped her Halloween costume plans in favor for a last minute ensemble to resemble Vanellope von Schweetz's. She looked adorable but there was one issue, since no one had seen the film yet, no one knew who she was! Yeah, she's ahead of the curve that one.

Photos: Disney

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