Garcelle Beauvais Talks About How Divorce Has Affected Her Kids

Garcelle Beauvais and kids

After going through a divorce, Garcelle Beauvais’s  3½-year-old twin boys Jax and Jaid are already communicating their feelings about splitting time between mommy and daddy.

“They’re just much more verbal with their feelings,” the actress told PEOPLE.

“The other day Jaid said to me, ‘Mommy, when I’m with you I really miss Daddy, and when I’m with Daddy I really miss you’. It was unbelievable,” Beauvais, 44, said.

Beauvais was married to CAA agent Mike Nilon.  Their children have been splitting time between mom and dad.  She has been surprised by the way her boys have been able to communicate their feelings.

“[It was] heartbreaking, because it’s not the ideal, but I was glad that he could share it with me. We could talk about it, and I could say, ‘I miss you too when you’re not here,'”  she said.

“To be able to have those words, to be able to use those words, at 3 years old. I can’t imagine that I could put those things together [at that age].”

Although divorce has forced the kids to grow up a little too fast, they are still kids at the end of the day saying things that only kids can come up with!

“[Jaid] was sitting on the couch and I said, ‘Jaid, what are you doing?!'” Beauvais says, breaking into laughter. “He goes, ‘I’m playing with my penis!’ and I said, ‘How does it feel?!’ He said, ‘Good!’ and I said, ‘That’s the end of that conversation! Let’s go out and play!'”

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