Gary Busey's 1-Year-Old Son in Hospital for "Childhood Illness"

gary busey 1 year old son hospitalized
Gary Busey's son in the hospital

Gary Busey’s 1-year-old son was hospitalized with an undisclosed “childhood illness,” according to Busey’s rep.

What happened to Gary Busey’s 1-year-old son, Luke?

Details aren’t really available, but Busey’s rep does say that Luke “is expected to be going home by the end of the week.”

His rep adds that “Gary is very grateful to his fans for their love and support. Gary and Steffanie thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes for Luke.”

Luke is Busey’s child with his fiancee Steffanie Sampson. He has two other children from previous relationships.

Gary Busey, 66, was just fired on Sunday’s episode of The Apprentice.

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