Gary Coleman Joke at Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump: In Bad Taste? (Video)

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Jeff Ross' Gary Coleman joke in bad taste?

Was the Gary Coleman joke told at the Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump in bad taste? Or rather, is every joke at a Comedy Central roast in bad taste?

The Gary Coleman joke was delivered by roast regular Jeffrey Ross: “He died of multiple aneurysms, which is a little like diff’rent strokes.”

Yeah, not exactly the most tasteful of jokes, considering the subject matter of Gary Coleman’s death…

Then again, I don’t think anyone involved in the Donald Trump roast was looking to be tactful – it’s kind of the nature of these things.

Jeff Ross talks about Donald Trump’s ego in the video clip below:

The Roast of Donald Trump March 15 10:30/9:30c
Jeff Ross – Trump’s Ego
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In this video, Donald Trump talks about the Comedy Central roast being a tough evening but he did it for charity, so how could he refuse?