Gary Collins in Trouble AGAIN! What Did He Do This Time?


Gary Collins

Gary Collins has been having some issues lately, some pretty embarrassing and very public issues. You may remember Gary Collins as the actor who was the host of Miss America and also the show Hour Magazine. But now it isn’t his work and dulcet toned voice that is making headlines, but rather his very questionable life choices. The most recent being? His attempt to “dine and dash.” What happened?

Gary Collins was arrested in Biloxi, Mississippi on Tuesday night after he left without paying his $59.35 dinner bill at the eatery Jazzeppi’s Restaurant. And in Mississippi, refusing to pay a food bill that is over $25 is considered a felony.

Collins was released on Wednesday morning after posting a $5000 bail. But this isn’t the only trouble he’s been in lately. This past November, Collins was charged with a misdemeanor after he left the scene of an accident while in Jackson, Mississippi. And back in 2009 he was caught driving a motor home while drunk (three times the legal limit drunk!) in California. His sentence? 120 days of “home detention.” And that was his only DUI. He served four days in jail in 2008 for his second DUI.

He has three adult children one of them is a senior vice president of development for MGM TV. And he’s been married to Mary Ann Mobley, a former Miss America, since 1967.

Hopefully he’ll get some help soon!

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