Gavin Rossdale Speaks Out About Son Zuma's Fall

zuma rossdale
Zuma Rossdale took a nasty fall off a counter top.

Little Zuma Rossdale hasn’t had a very good week! The poor little two-year old son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took a nasty fall off a counter top in their Beverly Hills home and wound up in the emergency room with a broken arm.

Gavin Rossdale spoke about the unfortunate incident to PEOPLE, and as any parent would be, he was devastated by what happened. Gavin said, “It was one of the worst nights of our lives. It was one of those freak events — he fell. A freak accident.”

As parents, we all try our best to make sure that no harm comes to our kids, but sometimes accidents happen and there is nothing you can do. Gavin said that Zuma’s fall was “horrific” and added, “He’s fine now…It’s almost worse for us [as parents] … The kids are never alone and you turn your back — it takes a split second.”

We sure hope that Zuma will recover fairly quickly and that he’s feeling back up to par soon!

Photo: Pacific Coast News