Gawker Christine O'Donnell Story: Why It's Bad For Women And Girls

gawker christine odonnell
The Gawker Christine O'Donnell story is creating a stir

The shocking Gawker Christine O’Donnell story details the conservative, pro-abstinence Delaware Senate candidate’s alleged one-night stand with a then-25-year-old from Philadelphia in vivid, TMI detail. While some are reveling in the ludicrousness of it all, and Gawker’s racking up the hits, I’m disturbed by the piece as both a woman and a mother and it has nothing to do with politics, where O’Donnell and I have little in common.

I believe that even a public person has a right to privacy, and that’s a lesson I impart to my kids, as well. I believe it in instances of sexuality and transgender, when we should deal with others with respect, and I believe that what happens between two consenting adults (those two words being key) should stay private.

And I believe it even in an instance when a wacko Tea Party candidate has her dirty laundry quite literally splayed across the internet. The details here are lurid and unnecessary, which is often the point of Gawker stories, but the writer also goes out of his way to paint O’Donnell in a poor light. To me she sounds like someone who certainly picked the wrong guy, if nothing else.

Still, I am definitely finding it ironic that some of the people stoking the fires of outcry in the O’Donnell camp were probably cheering when Bill Clinton’s infidelities came to light, though can we all agree to let candidates’ bedroom life stay in the bedroom unless it has a bearing on national security?