Gene Shalit Leaves The Today Show 5 Things About Gene Shalit

gene shalit
Gene Shalit leaves the Today Show after 40 years!

Gene Shalit, The Today Show’s long-time film and book critic has announced that today, November 11, will be his last day on The Today Show. Gene Shalit has been a part of the show for 40 years and proclaimed that he’s now leaving because “It’s enough already”. Here are a few things you might not know about Gene Shalit.

Shalit started reviewing books and films in 1967 and has done so for a wide variety of magazines ranging from Ladies Home Journal, TV Guide, Cosmo and even The New York Times.

Shalit started writing in high school where he wrote a column for his high school newspaper.

After Shalit wrote his review of Brokeback Mountain calling Jake Gyllenhaal’s character a ‘sexual predator’, Shalit was criticized by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation. Shalit, who has a grown gay son, apologized for his comments, with his son, Peter Shalit stating; “He may have had an unpopular opinion of a movie that is important to the gay community, but he defamed no one, and he is not a homophobe.”

Shalit has been immortalized on SpongeBob Squarepants where he voiced a character named ‘Gene Scallop’! He also made a cameo on and episode of Family Guy.

Shalit was featured on Sesame Street in the 1970’s and even had a Muppet character based on him, showing he appealed to all ages!

Happy retirement Gene Shalit!