George Clooney Meets the Parents: How Serious is His Relationship with Elisabetta?

George Clooney in Sardinia
George Clooney meets the parents

George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis traveled to her family’s country home on the island of Sardinia and George met her parents!

George and Elisabetta, an Italian model and TV personality, spent two days with her parents Cesare and Bruna Canalis at the home where she grew up in the village of Trenuraghes.

What does this mean?  Meeting the parents is a big deal or isn’t it these days?  I still think it is and in my opinion, it shows that their relationships is getting serious!

Elisabetta even looks a little shy or nervous in these photos, maybe even giddy?  George appears very much at home as he even strolled through the town and met many of the locals. 

This was truly a family trip and George is said to have seriously bonded with the entire Canalis family.

When it came time for some romantic alone time, the couple took off for luxury five star former Royal Residence, the Hotel Villa Las Tronas.

I’m pretty sure that Elisabetta’s parents are traditional in the sense that they’d like to see their daughter get married and start a family.  She just turned 32.  But does she?  Would George want to finally end his bachelor status?

Photo: Splash