George Jetson Has A Secret Son (Video)


thejetsonsmovieFor no apparent reason at all, the silence has been broken in the George Jetson affair and illegitimate child scandal. Unbeknownst to fans of his popular cartoon show, George Jetson had a dark side, a lust for robotic maids, and even a secret (until now) baby.

Michael Jackson’s not the only celebrity who’s secret children are going public in 2009. It’s been revealed via video evidence and divorce court records that George Jetson — previously voted least likely to ever cheat on Jane his wife — apparently has another son aside from his boy Elroy.

It’s surprising that the Jetsons were able to keep all of this hushed up for so long. I guess the tabloids industry in the 60s just wasn’t nearly as advanced and far-reaching.

It’s always more painful when the affair was committed with someone so trusted by the family. So sad.

This video is awesome.


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