George Strait: Watch George Strait Perform "The Breath You Take" At The CMA Awards 2010 (Video)

George Strait CMA Awards 2010
Watch George Strait Sing "The Breath You Take" At CMA Awards

George Strait is a true country music icon, and his performance of “The Breath You Take” at the CMA 2010 Awards did not disappoint. In case you missed it, you can watch the video of George Strait singing “The Breath You Take” at the CMA Awards below.

“The Breath You Take” is off George Strait’s latest album, “Twang”, and genuinely tugs at the heart strings, reminding us of what is truly important in life.

George is a father, and has one son, George Jr., who is known as “Bubba.” But most people probably don’t know that George Strait also has a daughter, Jenifer, who passed away at the age of only 13 after a car accident back in the 1980s. Hearing George Strait sing the lyrics in “The Breath You Take” about holding his new baby girl for the first time truly brought tears to my eyes.

George Strait continues to be the king of country music, and he even has another tour coming up.

Watch the video below to hear George Strait’s emotional performance of “The Breath You Take” at the CMA Awards 2010.