George Washington Facts for Presidents Day


presidents day 2011Presidents Day was initially started to honor our first President, George Washington. Though, over the years, it’s become a more general observation of all of our Presidents. Or really, an excuse to have a day off school and work in the middle of February.

But, in honor of the original intent of Presidents Day, here are a few facts about George Washington:

*George Washington was born on February 11, 1731 in Virginia.

*George Washington chopping down a cherry tree and saying “I cannot tell a lie” is  likely just a myth. There isn’t any evidence that this is true, though the cherry tree story is one often told in elementary schools.

*George Washington’s false teeth were most likely made of ivory or metal, not wood.

*George Washington’s formal education ended when he was 15. He did not attend college.

*After George Washington married Martha Custis when he was 27, he expected to live a quiet life on his plantation and did so for the next 15 years until he got involved in politics.