Georgina Bloomberg Injured. It's Not The First Time She's Been Severaly Hurt Horseback Riding


GeorginaBloombergAccidentMayor Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina was injured during an equestrian tournament this weekend. Her saddle slipped and she fell off, knocking her unconscious. Feeling fine, she got up but went to the hospital the next day when she was still in pain. It was discovered that she was suffering a concussion and fractured spine.

Those are both incredibly serious, but Georgina is no stranger to being injured from horseback riding.

Last summer, Georgina fractured her foot during a competition in Canada. In 2002, she broke her back after falling off her horse. Despite this injury, after six months she was back up and riding again. Fearless.

More tests will be done today on Georgina’s condition. The Mayor no doubt has her under the best medical care.


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