Gerard Butler a Daddy? Someday...


6351_11035221175Know anybody who wants the job of being Gerard Butler’s baby mama? Although he isn’t looking to fill the role right now, he may be doing some work on the casting couch to find the right match. The bachelor who is approaching his 40th birthday recently said:

“Right now, yes, I question a bunch of things in my life and I am in a lot of ways more comfortable than ever. I know what sill excites me and what is just never going to happen,” said the actor. “But then also there are things I have different opinions on. Sometimes I think: ‘God, I wish I was married now, and had kids.’ Other times I think: ‘Thank Christ I am not married and don’t have kid yet, I can do that later.’

Butler continued, “But I can totally imagine it. It’s just not right now. I am great where I am but it would be nice. It doesn’t have to be marriage. It could be to be in a relationship and I would definitely like kids some day.”

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