Gerard Butler Wants A Family



The Bounty star Gerard Butler wants babies!  And he would “love” to get married, too!  However, he’s not sure if either will happen.

Butler,who filmed with Jennifer Aniston and had to deny rumors the two were romantically linked, said, “I would love to have a wife and kids, but you can’t magic them out of thin air.”  Uh, hello?  Jen is free!  Can you imagine those two having babies?  They’d be adorable.

He added, “I’ve never been that ‘seven-year relationship’ kind of guy. [But I’m ready] for the big relationship.

“I guess I’ve got to settle down soon, but I’m nervous to say it out loud because it might not happen.”

Yeah, I’m sure Gerard can’t even get a date.  Look at him.  Hideous.  Probably couldn’t find a woman to have his baby.  *Holds up hand and waves*