Get it: Ryder Robinson's Scooter


When my son was just a tiny infant in a gigantic stroller, I’d see other people’s children tearing down the sidewalk on these little scooters and I’d swear they looked like mini wheels of death. Of course, like all truly practiced hypocrites, I then had the occasion to hop on one, saw how much fun it is darting around, and am now hooked.I cannot wait for both of my kids to be old enough so that I can get one for myself. Oh, right. For them, too. Of course. That’s totally what I meant.

Apparently, Kate Hudson doesn’t share my enthusiasm for scooters, opting to hoof it the old fashioned way, while son Ryder zips along in Greenwich Village. So what kind of wheels does he have?Ryder is on a Blue Mini-Kick Scooter by Kickboard USA, which employs a “lean and steer” navigation that is supposed to be similar to surfing. You can get one at, in a number of colors, for $79.99.


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