Get it: Sarah Jessica Parker's Double Stroller


As a mother of two in Manhattan, I can vouch for the fact that there is nothing that I own that is as important to me as my double stroller. I spent more time picking mine out than I spent applying to colleges. There were stroller consultations, tape measures, philosophical discussions about the virtues of a side-by-side versus the practicalities of an upstairs-downstairs. And of course, an awful lot of eyeballung other parents around the city trying to negotiate bodega doorways, narrow corridors and trips to the zoo–and trying to surmise how they were faring with their choice.

So of course, when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker out for a stroll with Marion and Tabitha, I was intrigued by her choice of wheels. She seems to have opted for the UppaBaby Vista, which is a single stroller that can convert into a double with the addition of a second seat. Sort of a cross between a tandem and an upstairs-downstairs, I like how neither seat is too low to the ground, and she still maintains some use of a basket.

Of course, no walk in the park is complete without one child absolutely refusing to sit in the posh stroller you spent a small fortune on. Good thing Sarah Jessica has an assistant, because it helps her avoid my fate, which is pushing an empty stroller down the street while carrying two kids.

Who said having kids made it so you had no time for a workout?