Get It: Whimsical Socks, Seen on Sarah Jessica Parker's Twins


When Tabitha and Marion hit  the playground with their nanny on Tuesday, the twins were wearing Trumpette socks—which are  quickly becoming the hottest footwear when it comes to celebrity fashion for the under-one set. 

Tabitha and Marion WHO? you ask. Oh, my, you haven’t been reading your Famecrawler. They’re the newest additions to the Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick household. So is it any wonder that they know a thing about shoes, and socks? Plus, they’re James Wilkie’s siblings, and we just saw that he knows a thing or two about footwear.

An up-close look, plus where to buy the exact same socks, below. 

The green “ballerina” style socks are available here, $26 for a set of six.  And the pink faux lace-ups are here, for the same price. Best of all, they come in classily cute gift boxes. Because who, truly, doesn’t want socks for her birthday? (well, not me, give me an iPad! but I’m talking about the rest of you.)