Get Your Thanksgiving Word Searches Here: Teach Your Kids About The Pilgrims!


thanksgiving-word-search-easy-300x3001Looking for some Thanksgiving activities to do with your kids this week? Try Thanksgiving word searches! In addition to strengthening their verbal skills, they can actually help you teach them about the origins of Thanksgiving, including the Pilgrims, Plymouth and the Native Americans.

Use these links below to print out the puzzles. Know of other links people may enjoy for Thanksgiving worksheets, word searches or activities for kids? Add them below!

BlackDog4Kids search

Printables4Kids search

Kaboose offers beginner, easy, medium and hard options, which is great if you have early readers.

Here’s an online one from Apples4theTeacher that’s fun for older kids.

And a simple one from DailyWordBuzz.

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