Getting Ready for the Royal Wedding: Is Kate Middleton Getting Too Skinny?

kate middleton weight
Is Kate Middleton losing too much weight for the Royal Wedding?

A girl likes to look good on her wedding day.  Most brides-to-be try to watch what they eat or go on a diet as they get close to their wedding date.  There’s even a whole show about it. But, is Kate Middleton taking “Shedding for the Wedding” too far?

The royal wedding is on April 29 and the world will be watching Kate Middleton and Prince William get married. You really can’t blame a girl for wanting to look perfect on her wedding day, especially when so many cameras will be on her.

But, is Kate Middleton losing too much weight?

When someone told Kate Middleton not to lose any more weight, she replied that it was all part of the wedding plan, though palace officials refuse to comment on her weight.

She does look slender, but it doesn’t look like she’s too skinny.  What do you think about Kate Middleton’s pre-wedding weight loss?

Photo: PRPhotos