Gilbert Gottfried Welcomes Second Child



Light up a big ‘it’s a boy’ cigar for comedian Gilbert Gottried. He and his wife have welcomed a new baby boy into the family:  Max Aaron.

From Celebrity Baby Blog:

“Max is named after Gilbert’s father Max and my grandmother Mildred,” Dara tells CBB. “Our son was also born on his grandfather Max’s birthday! His middle name is after my grandfather Aaron.”

The proud mama continues, “Max has a full head of dirty blond hair. I am very tired, but labor was a lot easier than with Lily!”

Actually, Max Aaron was born back on May 18th, the celebrity parenting paparazzi just now broke the news. I don’t know how we missed it … OK, yes I do. Gilbert and his super-nasally, annoying voice are pretty low on the celebrity D-List these days.

Still, congrats are in order to one of the guy with one of the most recognizable voices on the planet. I wonder if it’s genetic? That’s a scary thought.


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