Gilles Marini Wants Another Baby: Adoption in His Future?

gilles marini family
Gilles Marini wants to expand his family

Gilles Marini, the hottie from the Sex and the City movie and Dancing With the Stars, isn’t ruling out having more kids.

He and wife Carole are “done reproducing,” but they still might add to their family.

Gilles has a boy and girl and said, “In my mind, I’m like, ‘I have both of my kids. Done. Check. Let’s help someone who has no parents. It makes sense.'”

Adoption is the way that the Marini family will expand, if it does. Gilles wants to get through the next two years and see what work brings for him. If his career is going well, they’ll look into adoption. He has said that they would even look at adopting a child from near them, as there are orphans in L.A. who need a home.

About adopting, Gilles did joke that “I’m going to ask for some advice from Angelina.”

Photo: PCN

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