'Girl Next Door' Bridget Hopes Hef's "Making The Right Decision"

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Bridget Marquardt Speaks Out Against Hef's Engagement.

Another one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, Bridget Marquardt, is coming out and letting her feelings be known about the Playboy head honcho’s engagement to Crystal Harris.

Earlier this week, Holly Madison, had made it clear that she did not approve of Hef’s recent engagement. Marquardt was a bit more diplomatic. “I just hope that they’re both happy and that they’ve thought it through and that they’re making the right decision,” she said. “If so, I’m totally happy for them.”

Bridget originally congratulated them on their engagement, but says she can understand Holly’s frustration.

“I think she’s definitely very protective over Hef and the decisions that he makes and I think that’s good for her to share her opinions,” she added. “Hopefully Hef reads that and takes her thoughts into consideration as well. But he’s a grown man and if they’re both happy…then whatever.”

How do you feel about Hef’s ex’s speaking out on his engagement?