Girl Scouts New Logo: It Got a Facelift, Just Like a Few Real Girl Scouts


girl scouts new logo

The Girl Scouts of America has a new logo…which looks an awful lot like its old logo. With a facelift. Which is curious, because a search of celebrities who were once Girl Scouts turns up a few Hollywood favorites…who’ve also had facelifts! A list of celebs who wore the green jumper below, with a call-out to those who’ve gone under the plastic surgeon’s knife.

The three silhouettes in the new logo have bangs, unlike the old logo, perter noses and straighter necks. Former girlscouts Barbara Walters and Mary Tyler Moore seem to have lifted faces, while fellow scout Star Jones has admitted to having her chest lifted. Here’s a selection of other celebrity Girl Scouts:

From Politics — Tipper Gore, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Laura Bush, Nancy Regan, Madeleine Albright, Janet Reno

From film and TV — Lucille Ball, Candace Bergen, Mariah Carey, Katie Couric, Celine Dion, Dakota Fanning, Susan Lucci, Natalie Merchant, Martha Stewart, Kathleen Turner

And yes, even celebrity kids are getting into the act. In April, Sasha Fox, Vanessa Williams’ daughter, was spotted delivering Girl Scout cookies with her mom.

girl scouts vanessa williams


PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin

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