Gisele Bundchen and Benjamin - How Does Her Son Roll?


Gisele Bundchen and son

Gisele Bundchen and her son Benjamin were fortunately safely in New York City when Gislele’s hubby got into a car accident in Boston. Fortunately for all, Tom Brady left the accident pretty much unharmed.

Gisele and Benjamin are in the big apple so that mommy can strut her stuff for New York Fashion Week. And there aren’t any big metal and some what dangerous automobiles for their beloved son. His mode of transportation these days? By stroller. How does Gisele and Tom’s son roll?Gisele Bundchen  and son

In a classic Maclaren. Here the supermodel lugs a lightweight Maclaren Triumph stoller. It is suitable for babies age three months and up (up to 55 pounds). You can pick up your own stroller very similar to Gisele’s right here for $170.

Photos: PR Web