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Gisele Bundchen Brags About Her Parenting Skills. Again.

By TheMommyologist |

gisele bundchen

Gisele Bundchen after a workout.

Good grief. Just when I thought that supermodel mom Gisele Bundchen was finally done shouting from the rooftops that she is, in fact, the world’s most perfect parent, she totally upped the ante on her stellar parenting skills in a new interview with Vogue UK.

I want to be someone who likes Gisele. I really do. But every time she opens her mouth in an interview, she somehow manages to speak about this fantasy land where women don’t feel pain during childbirth, don’t put on weight during pregnancy unless they are just complete and total hogs, and where children are 100% agreeable 100% of the time. And as a REAL mother, I’m just not buying into any of that.

Gisele told Vogue UK that she went back and watched a videotape of herself giving birth to her son, Benjamin. Gisele claims that upon seeing the birth footage, she realized that she was actually “omming” during her baby’s delivery. “Omming” is annoying enough in my Saturday morning yoga class, so I can’t even imagine what the doctors and nurses in Gisele’s birthing room thought. Or maybe she was actually muttering some sort of expletive under her breath and it just sounded like omming?

Gisele did try to backpedal a bit on the harsh words she had in the past for women who don’t (or are unable to) breastfeed. Instead of declaring that breastfeeding needs to be a universal law, this time she said, “Well, it’s a personal decision. You have to honour what feels right and, for me, it was never even an option I’d do it otherwise. I mean, isn’t that what our bodies are meant to do? Isn’t that the great thing about being a woman?”

No Gisele Bundchen interview would be complete without throwing in something about her kid being perfect. Her comment this time was, “When Benjamin eats broccoli, he thinks it’s dessert!”

For the record, when my son tries broccoli, he gags. But then again, I’m no supermodel parent.



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11 thoughts on “Gisele Bundchen Brags About Her Parenting Skills. Again.

  1. Alyssa @NearNormalcy says:

    Well, come on. Poor Benjamin has never SEEN real dessert in that house! Compared to rice cakes and water, broccoli IS dessert.

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    First child sydrome. Just wait, Gisele, just wait. (Mwah ha ha!)

  3. Voice of Reason says:

    Oops! Syndrome.

  4. ourcomm says:

    Oh give me a break, I will take her advice seeing as to how immensely successful she is, about focusing on the positive and not letting negativity get to you. I want to say to the blogs; YOU shut up you bunch of nobodies worrying about another’s life as if it were your own. I hope you know magazines and brands will keep hiring her because of all the attention she brings along. Besides there are always more good than bad in her interviews; but of course no one focues on the “positive”.

    “I was born such a passionate person. I don’t know if that’s my blessing or my curse!”

    “Gisele, you gotta love her! So warm and exuberant & genuinely earth-motherly. A golden retriever would be more aloof than she is”

    G’s mind is so positive, when she thinks something it just happens. She doesn’t allow the negativity to get in there” Yao Li (Kung fu teacher)

    “She’s like a puppy with this boundless energy & enthusiasm. I challenge anyone to not become a little smitten in her presence”

  5. Melinda says:

    OMG She’s such a douche bag!! She needs to shut the eff up!!

  6. macy says:

    who ever heard of a “talk-less” interview? Last time I checked we all got opinions. Heck the things I read on these blogs are more hateful and disgusting than anything she has even remotely said.

  7. Diane says:

    not every woman is able to breastfeed. sometimes breasts have weied shapes or nipples don’t stick out quite like they’re supposed to. i’m so tired of hearing what people say about that. if gisele really said it needs to be a ‘universal law’ then i have nothing left to say except – (eyes rolling) oh brother.

  8. katie says:

    Aside from her insane portfolio, I now see why Gisele is constantly referred to as the last supermodel. Everything she says or does (even if very petty, which IMO almost always is) makes headlines. Yet again some people want to complain on this interview. At this point I don’t know whether to yawn or go grab the popcorn. Gi is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. What kills me the most is how these blogs ONLY pick the parts that can be seen as a “negative” and turn them all around. (but of course nice doesn’t sell eh?) the good stuff always gets dusted under the table. because she says many smart,clever things also….

    Also it doesn’t help her cause that she seems to be the only model who actually gets HUGE English speaking interviews (Bazaar,Vogue,Vanity Fair) while most other models are stuck getting foreign articles or low budget random articles that no one reads.

    Yep, Lat Supermodel indeed. The 90s models were just like this (always making headlines for minute crap). But it wasn’t as bad because the celeb hate/bullying blog culture didn’t exist. and yes writing blogs such as this is doing more harm than Gisele saying her child likes veggies could ever do.

  9. Ally says:

    Again? Does she needs to say things that other women go through just in order to be accepted? Can’t she just share her experience without being attacked?

  10. Rachel says:

    The one’s who speak up and use their voice always get attacked. This is nothing new. Maybe she’s so successful because she has other things to talk about then hair and makeup tips. Did anyone ever think about that? Kate Moss has drug scandals her whole life. Naomi Campbell has anger problems. Gisele’s words may not agree with everyone but her actions do not do any harm. I think people need to chill out. I see more negativity on blogs than in anything she’s ever done. Pot meet kettle. Kettle meet pot.

  11. Lilah says:

    There were no nurses or doctors in Gisele’s birthing room, because she gave birth in the bathtub of her apartment.
    And what do you care if she was omming?
    Why not just be happy for someone who works hard and tries to do her best? Also, I wouldn’t take the quotes too seriously–English isn’t this person’s first language, and tons of stuff must be lost in translation.

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