Gisele Bundchen Has Babies On The Brain



Gisele Bundchen was dying to start a family, and knew a year and a half before they wed that it was going to happen.

She knew Tom was the one and is sticking with him forever.

Regarding their relationship she said, “I think I’ve met the right person, my partner, my companion.”

Ahh, that’s sweet.

She also says that she is so happy to be able to choose the work she wants to do. She likes to stay home and take care of Tom. The most important thing to her is her family. Now she is creating her other family.

That’s so domestic. I wonder if she cooks and cleans too.

I’m sure we all like to take care of our families, but if you are like me you are exhausted at the end of the day.

I guess we all just do our best!


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