Gisele Bundchen Is Back To Work


gisele-bundchen-photo shoot-post-baby-bodyGisele Bundchen had Benjamin last month and is already back at work. Her first photo shoot is for Coccli’s Winter campaign.

I’m assuming that she looks fantastic, because she was still so thin right before she gave birth. There is also the fact that celebrities know something the rest of us don’t about losing weight after having a baby.

She may be giving it all up though.

A source close to her says, “With the exception of her few contracts, she’s definitely taking a break [into] the New Year. It wouldn’t surprise me if she gives up most of the business.”

Gisele wants to have more kids and they take up a lot of time. Jetting around the world to exotic locales to take pictures isn’t exactly conducive to a very grounded family life.


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