Gisele Bundchen Tries To Blend In: Does it Work? (Photos)

Gisele Bundchen Blending IN!

Let’s say you were walking around the streets of Boston, Mass and you saw the woman pictured to the left. Would you do a double take? Would you stop in your tracks? Would you know you were in the presence of one of the most successful supermodels ever? Or would you think it was just another tall, thin, fitness fanatic?

Gisele Bundchen was spotted looking super casual wearing a “Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi” tank and doing a pretty good job of blending in. Odds are that if you passed her on the street, you would think she was just civilian, if you didn’t have your star radar on and knew to be on the lookout for the Brazilian bombshell.

Check out more pics of Gisele’s looking uber casual and fab right here.

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    Gisele Bundchen
    Blending in with the masses in Mass!
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    Gisele Bundchen
    She seems totally unfazed about being spotted.
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    Gisele Bundchen
    Check out her "Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi" tank.
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    Gisele Bundchen
    Where ever she goes, she always looks fab!