Gisele Bundchen's Wild Ways (Photos)


gisele bunchen
Gisele Bundchen fed a baby elephant in Kenya.

Gisele Bundchen is showing off her wild ways!

We’ve already seen Gisele in a heated situation, but now she’s getting even more wilder – all the way to South Africa!

Bundchen, 31, visited Africa earlier this year where she ended up feeding a baby elephant. “When I went to Africa I discovered that elephants are one of the smartest and most complex mammals on earth. If we don’t protect them, they can be extinguished,” she wrote along with the photo.

The celebrity mom made her trip to Africa back in January when she embarked on a 5-day journey to Kenya as part of her duty as a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador.

Could this goodwill act change your opinion about Gisele? She’s gotten a lot of flack in the press ever since her outburst at the Super Bowl when she blamed the entire New England Patriots for her husband Tom Brady’s loss.

Take a look at the photos below where Gisele provides the captions and tell us what you think!

  • Gisele Feed an Elephant 1 of 6
    Gisele Feed an Elephant
    "When I went to Africa I discovered that elephants are one of the smartest and most complex mammals on earth. If we don't protect them, they can be extinguished. Learn more about it and share"
  • A Special DaySuppor 2 of 6
    A Special DaySuppor
    "Today is "The International Day of the World's Indigenous People". This day commemorates those individuals that know firsthand the importance of living in harmony with nature. I send blessings and prayers to these special communities on this tribute day."
  • Supporting the Environment 3 of 6
    Supporting the Environment
    "Gisele has supported environmental causes for a long time now. In which YEAR did she visit an Indian village in Xingu, a moment that solidified her commitment to being an environmental activist?"
  • Love and Light 4 of 6
    Love and Light
    "Wish you much love and light! Happy Friday :)"
  • International Woman’s Day! 5 of 6
    International Woman's Day!
    "This year I had the privilege to meet some amazing warrior women that are making a real difference in their communities. They inspire me so much. To all the women out there in the world, Happy International Woman's Day! Lots of love and light to you!"
  • Outside Reality 6 of 6
    Outside Reality
    "When you get to experience something that is outside of your reality, it changes you. There is that sense of where do I start and what can I do? You always have to start somewhere, right?"

[Photos via Facebook.]

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