Gisele Donates $1.5M To Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts


gisele-bundchen-229x300Wow, supermodel and brand new mom Gisele Bündchen dug out the ol’ checkbook yesterday and cut a hefty $1.5M donation to the Red Cross to help fund relief efforts in the earthquake-ravaged Caribbean nation. You gotta love celebrities with big hearts.

Thus far, it seems that Gisele has possibly shelled out the largest single donation in the parade of celebrities coming out of the woodwork to help provides some kind of relief, not that we’re keeping score.

Earlier in the week, Brad and Angelina made a passionate plea for aid, offering up $1M to help fuel the efforts of Doctors Without Borders. Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong has offered up $250k to Doctors Without Borders as well.

It’s also been announced that George Clooney will head up an MTV earthquake relief telethon next Friday. FYI, Lifehacker has put together a list of charities that you can donate to in your individual quests to help the efforts in Haiti.

Here’s a question that keeps turning up in my brain: how come none of these reports say anything about Tom Brady? They are married, aren’t they? Maybe Tom decided to make his own separate donation. It’s kinda odd, no?